Researchers have been hard at work looking for new sources of power. They have been looking for sources that lie lightly on the earth and yet provide enough power so people can get their work done. One source of power that has not only green but gets consistently high marks for reliability is Gold Coast Solar Panels. These panels offer the user the opportunity to enjoy a power source that they can rely on to generate energy and keep their electricity bill low at the same time. Those who are thinking of buying Gold Coast Solar Panels for use at home or in a business might be curious about how these panels work. Modern technological solar panels are not only highly efficient. They are also easy to understand.

Absorbing Sunlight

Sunlight hits the earth for many hours each day. Gold Coast Solar Panels make it possible for the user to harvest the sunlight as it reaches us. If you have ever looked at the solar panels, you’ll note it seems to be broken down into several constituent components. These smaller components are what are known as photovoltaic cells. They work by generating direct current. The mechanism converts this current into alternating current that can be safely used in any space. This energy flows through your home to provide the power you need. The basic unit has a very thin layer of silicon, a material known as an excellent conductor. You will also see a metal frame that houses the photovoltaic cell along with glass on top and wires that lead from the panel to your home or business.

Light Interacting

The panels are positioned so as to make maximum use of the sunlight that hits your home or business each day. As the light flows, it triggers the electrons. These electrons are set in motion. That starts an electric current. The silicon used in the photovoltaic cells are able to directly absorb the solar radiation during the day. The material inside of the cell has been inserted by the manufacture in such a way so as create a positive and negative space within.

A Solar Inverter

tony woolfe solar inverter

A solar inverter is another key component that allows the solar panels to function. The inverter is used to take direct current — a form that can pose dangers — and turn it into modern, totally safe alternating current. When you’re not home, solar power is working on your behalf. Each cell acts in concert on the panel on your home or business to form a coherent whole. The power that has been generated by the system can be stored when you are not using it. This way, you can make use of the solar cells at night or when it’s cloudy outside. In many instances, the extra power is more than enough so you don’t necessarily need all the power that’s being provided by the solar cells. You can be part of a larger grid and sell your excess power back to the power company.

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