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How to Use Solar Energy in the Best Way at Home?

Who doesn’t want to consider free electricity for their households? If you do, then solar panels are an excellent option for you. While  solar systems don’t make the electricity completely free, they help to greatly reduce the cost of electricity. This is because almost everything that runs on electrical power can run with solar energy’s help.

Rooftop solar panels have become Australia’s second-largest power generation source, and people are taking full advantage of solar energy in their houses. 

Let’s understand, in detail, the importance of solar energy in our daily life and the different ways in which solar panels can run your household electrical appliances.

How to use Solar Power in your Home?

  • Charging batteries with solar power 

All devices that work on batteries can charge using solar power via photo-electric panels. These generate direct current (DC), which is used in many batteries to run the device effectively. From small batteries used for lighting a bulb, to high voltage batteries used to power your home and heavy electrical appliances. We can charge all batteries with the help of solar energy. 

  • Solar water heater

Solar-powered water heaters are replacing the old gas or electric motor heaters. This is due to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of solar hot water heaters over the long term. The energy from the sun is used to heat water that you can use for different purposes like washing dishes, washing clothes, bathing, etc. 

  • Solar energy powered ventilation fans

Are you still dependent on electricity for your ventilation fans? Instead, try out solar energy powered ventilation fans that help reduce the overworking of your HVAC system and cool your room in hot weather. 

Alternatively, you can also buy a self-contained roof ventilated fan that can run off of solar energy. Adding a small panel of photo-electric cells that operate the fan motor means that no electricity is required. This is one of the benefits of solar energy. You can install these fans in your garage, kitchen, doghouse, shed, patio, or kid’s play area.

  • Heating swimming pool

Who doesn’t love to have a relaxing day swimming in the pool? But when the water is cold, the thought of diving into the pool isn’t as alluring.

A solar-powered pool heating system is the best solution to the problem. You can install a fully-fledged solar system to heat your pool that involves panels on the rooftop to collect heat and takes advantage of solar energy at your home. As an alternative or additional option, you can also add a solar blanket that warms water by absorbing the sun’s heat and transmitting it directly to the water.

  • Use solar-powered pumps

Usually, pumps used in water heating systems are powered by an electricity service, which results in a lot of energy consumption. To maximise the energy saving impact, you can run solar-powered pumps.

Since electric pumps consume a lot of power, switching to solar energy saves you from high running costs. The energy from the sun could be stored in a battery to run the circulating pumps during bad weather or during the night. 

  • Use solar energy for cooking

Solar cookers are used on a large scale to cook food with the help of solar power, and it’s easier than you think. Solar cookers are based on the principle of creating a container with foil, or any shiny substance to focus the sun’s rays into a cooking chamber. 

You can cook any food with solar power at no extra cost, and it is one of the major advantages of solar energy. Select the right solar cooker, and you are all set to become a solar chef.

  • Use solar energy for outdoor lighting

Solar light is an amazing way to use solar energy at home and is commonly used in Australia and across the world. You can install solar lights at doors, fences and outdoor gates to improve your home’s lighting. It also gives an indirect advantage of added security. 

The energy saved from solar panels keeps the lights glowing throughout the night. Various solar systems are coming with features like coloured light bulbs to provide the best aesthetic to your house. 

You do not need to spend the extra dollars to power the lights outside your house. Installing solar lights from the right solar energy suppliers can help you save hundreds of dollars.


The list of uses of solar energy in homes is long, and the ones mentioned above are just a few of them. If you are still hesitating to install a solar panel, think again; you are missing out on many benefits. Home and life with solar energy applications will be improved and more comfortable for you and your family. Solar panels are worth every dollar..

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