That time of the year comes around so soon, when you try to think of unique and special gifts for your loved ones. Well, how about giving them the gift of the sun this Christmas! No, not the actual sun, but the gift of solar panels.

There are so many benefits of surprising your family and friends with solar. Not only will they be forever grateful but it will transform their home into a greener and cleaner energy household.

home solar panelsThe sun is such a powerful energy source, and the fact that we’re able to use this energy by installing solar makes an incredible difference to the planet. Therefore, anyone you give the gift of solar to will know that having this renewable energy source is contributing to helping the environment. They’ll feel like a green energy hero.

Gifting them with solar panels will save them a substantial amount of money instead of purchasing it themselves, and for those that have always wanted solar installed into their home you will have made that dream come true. Not only that, but having solar energy will help lower electricity bills in the long run, as they will be using green power to meet their household needs. Obviously the amount of savings depends on the size of the solar system and electricity or heat usage. Panels installed can also increase the value of their home if they ever choose to sell.

Another financial benefit of your loved ones having solar in the home, is that if they generate more energy than they use, there’s the likelihood that they could receive payments for surplus energy that is given back to the grid (as long as the solar system is connected).

Your family or friend that receives the gift of solar panels would be happy to know that they have low maintenance costs as they don’t generally need a lot done. All that is required is keeping them relatively clean, and a couple of times a year of cleaning them off should suffice. Also, specialised panel cleaning companies only cost a small amount, if ever it is needed, and the fact that there are no moving parts means no wear and tear.

roof solar panels

Another benefit of solar energy is the fact that it can be used for a variety of purposes such as electricity or heat. It’s an amazing source of energy that also can be used to produce electricity to distill water in places with a limited clean water supply, and can actually power satellites in space!

One of the main benefits of this incredible source of energy and having solar panels, is the fact that it’s renewable and can be accessed in every part of the world, every day. It simply cannot be exhausted, as long as we have the sun, which according to scientists will be for at least 5 billion years.

Solar panels is truly an awesome gift to give to someone as they will save money and know that they are helping the planet.

The Gift of Solar This Christmas