Solar Panels Installation in Sunshine Coast

Residing in the “Sunny area” of the Sunshine Coast is a blessing in disguise for all those who are planning to go solar by harnessing the fresh, pure and clean energy of the sun and generating electricity for their residential and commercial purposes. With the escalating electricity bills and increasing environmental pollution, most households have already switched to solar power. The solar panels sunshine coast cost is affordable with effective performance.

Solar panel packages in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane

When it comes to finding the right balance between good quality solar panels at the most competitive pricing, Supreme Solar Power is the best one to opt for. With years of experience and expertise, we have built robust relationship with all our clients. We offer Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane customers; great deals of solar panels system.

Our solar panels on the sunshine coast are engineered using quality raw materials and adhere to international standards, and thus they have a long life.

We deal in:

  1. LG Solar Panels: LG solar panels are engineered under vital parameters like rigorous quality control, zero carbon emission evaluation and backed by cutting edge technology. The solar panel of LG has great looks and is the known for its supreme performance. Neon2 is LG’s best selling solar module and has received great accolades for featuring Cello technology; that boosts the power output and reliability making it one of the most powerful and versatile modules in the market. The panel provides ideal solution to the residential use with limited roof space. It is best option for all those; who are looking to expand their solar system by adding battery storage. Overall LG panels have oodles of benefits and will form the corner stone to the one of the most reliable, powerful and long term solar energy solutions in the market. 
  2. Canadian Solar panels: Engineered in the year 2001 in Canada, Canadian solar PV modules is one of the most recommended solar panels for array of installations, focusing on quality and performance. It is the top player in the acumen and is known as the most solid and bankable brand. The brand has good experience with residential as well as large scale utility and commercial PV project in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. The main feature of this panel is high performance at low radiation ensuring your households energy needs are met even on cloudy days.
  3. Jinko Solar panels: Known all across the globe as Tier 1 solar brand, Jinko Solar panel has built integrated solar product value chain. The brand is largest solar panel manufacturer in the world in terms of value. The solar panel has exceptionally high efficiency perfectly synchronized with good combination of competitive pricing and reliability, making this brand; the most cost effective choice to go for.
  4. Longi Solar panels: Longi solar panels are the world’s most high efficiency mono 

crystalline solar cells and modules. Fabricated and powered by state of the art technology and long standing experience in the field of mono crystalline silicon. The panels produce highly efficient and cost effective solar panels for value based solar power systems. Being the largest suppliers of mono crystalline silicon wafers in the world, the panel achieves better efficient cost of electricity solutions for commercial and residential purposes.

Qcells Solar panels

Qcells solar panels provide top performance for maximum power. The panel offers robust security behind product and performance warranty. They are engineered in Germany and are perfectly fabricated to meet the highest quality standards. The solar panel installation on sunshine coast achieves outstanding energy yields. The solar panel of Qcells provides a great return on investment. They are a long term, secure and profitable investment for your business and home usage.

Trina solar panels

One of the largest manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules, Trina panels is engineered in China. The company takes pride in delivering smart, cutting edge and leading solutions for both industry and household purpose. The panels are approved after passing stringent tests of quality and reliability. The brand has robust presence in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas thought its sales and support staff. 

REC solar panels:

A leading European brand of solar panels, REC brand offers fully integrated solar PV Tier 1 panels; that are of high quality and cost effective rates. The panels features innovative designs with high panel efficiency and power output, enabling to get the optimum of the space available; thus helping you to lower your electricity bills and shorten the payback time through increased yield and lower costs.

What type of Solar panel is right for Sunshine Coast?

It is vital to understand the power needs and usage of the most suited to your homes or business. Supreme Solar Power has wide range of solar panel packages to choose from for people staying in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast, so that you can pick the best when suiting to your budget and needs:

Benefits of solar panel renewable energy in Sunshine Coast 

Solar energy has umpteen numbers of benefits for the economy, environment and consumer. It is the cost effective and self sustainable solutions are made to meet all types of homes or organizations in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Here are the main benefits of solar panels:

  1. Clean, safe and efficient
  2. Energy independence 
  3. Does not rely on the main power grid during the sunlight hours
  4. Minimize the effects of the climate change
  5. Stable costs

To find out more benefits of solar panels, can contact our expert consultants and get the inputs in detail.

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