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As the name, Sunshine Coast receives sunshine with an average of 300 days in a year. If you are one of those lucky ones to reside here and want to convert some of those natural, fresh and pure rays of the sun into electricity, Supreme Solar Power will help you in this regard. Areas of Coolum, Noosa, Caloundra, Marcoola receives good amount of sunlight for most part of the year.

Oodles of homes and business organizations in this area are already tapping this free solar energy of the sun and utilizing it to the best of their advantage by reducing their electricity bills. We understand very well your concern about the ever increasing electricity bills and thus we built solar system customized to meet the needs and budget of every household.

With sunlight available in abundance in Sunshine Coast, one can harness this energy and convert into electric power using solar systems. We have array of panels in most reliable brands, plus inverters, monitoring application and everything needed to run and maintain your solar system.

Supreme Solar Power panel is the expert solar power company in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. The company has a good track record of installing high grade commercial solar panel systems and residential solar panels system in Australia. Supreme Solar Solar Power Sunshine Coast is a trusted Queensland based solar company. We pride ourselves for having the best solar system grids today, features solar panels with years of warranty and a choice of inverters from the best brands today. We also offer high quality products, including solar battery options so you can store any excess energy.

Our company is also offering a wide variety of finance options with a great payback time. Our solar systems can help you save thousands of dollars over time, while also contributing to the environment.

With the fruitful experience in the acumen and a good track record in Sunshine Coast and other states of the Australia, the company has the capability to address the versatile solar power needs. We take pride in providing the best solar power deals on solar power systems and inverters. We specialize in residential solar systems with 6.6kW and 10kW solar system packages.

With the increasing power charges, installing solar systems to your office and residence can not only help to conserve the energy but also enable in decreasing power costs and improving sustainability and profitability of your business.

Why there is a need to go for solar power system at your home?

Most of us are aware that growing electricity charges is taking toll on our budget. Installing solar panel system in your home enables you to use less electricity from the grid. The best solar power systems tap the pure and clean energy from the sun and using the clean energy means, you are helping the environment by not using power from the artificial power generation system. This helps you to reduce your monthly electricity bills to a great extent.

Solar energy tapped in solar panels is a boon for households and businesses because of the main reason of cost efficiency as compared to the artificial power supply.

How to get the best solar deal in Sunshine Coast and other parts of Brisbane and Gold Coast?

The increasing electricity bills in the households of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast is putting burden on the monthly budget. Majority of the households are into the idea of lowering this ever increasing monthly electricity bills by resorting to the cutting edge solar power systems.

Moreover, the increasing amount of pollution in the atmosphere is causing hazardous effects on the health of the people. This has made many people appreciate and vouch in for the fact that solar power energy panel is best for the environment. Given the expensive rates of solar energy units, many people think twice before investing and consider it not worth the investment.

But this is not the case, when it comes to Supreme Solar Power; we provide the best solar deals at the most competitive and unbeatable prices. If you are considering in understanding the value of investing in the solar system panels, it is worthwhile to look at the average payback period for Sunshine Coast. In nut shell, it is worthwhile to examine how long it will take to earn back the value of your investment by savings in your energy bills.

What is the average payback period for your solar power system?

The success of any new investment is analyzed by calculating the cost of investing it with the returns one gets from it. In this case, you must analyze the cost of new solar panel system. It is without doubt that customized and right solar systems, you can eliminate the huge charges of your monthly electricity bills. Now, compare your initial solar system investment to the monthly savings on your electricity bill. Next is to divide the cost of the unit by your monthly bill to see how much months it will take for you to recover your invested amount.

The feather in the cap for Sunshine Coast; Australia is that, the climate is best suited for this technology. Given the amount of sunshine most of the homes receive here, the payback period is less on an average only 3 to 4 years. Payback will increase if you use more solar energy.

What is solar system package?

Solar powered system consists of solar panel and solar inverter. Supreme Solar Power Sunshine Coast are experts in residential solar power system and installation and commercial solar systems. For the best price solar panels, you can contact our experts and get detail inputs about the quote and other details.

Why Choose Solar Power Sunshine Coast

Our company is one of the largest solar system companies on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. We have had tens of thousands of solar installations all over South East Queensland over the past decade. We also supply and install high-quality renewable energy products. Our solar panel experts at solar company sunshine coast specialise in high-quality commercial solar systems for homes and businesses. We have the latest solar inverter and solar panel technology, with highly trained electricians to help you with the solar system installation.

Solar Power System Experts

Our company specialises in high quality product of solar power systems with great advantages of warranty, reliability, production, and safety. Our team have been installing solar system in the area of Sunshine Coast for years and we have already established a great customer base who are very happy with how we installed and maintain their solar panels.

Our outstanding team at Solar Power in Sunshine Coast will deliver all your solar needs, by designing, installing, and maintaining your solar systems. Our well experienced electricians will take their time to understand your electrical system and your property. Whether it’s solar battery panel, solar system installation, or the size system that you want and solar repair, you can definitely rely on our team.

Reviews on Our Quality Solar System

We have thousands of reviews from our customers who can attest that we provide outstanding jobs in quality solar, solar power installation, and solar panels maintenance even after the installation. With our exceptional services, it’s not surprising that residents choose us amongst the many solar companies today, and therefore we are the best solar suppliers on sunshine coast.

Benefits of Sunshine Coast Solar Systems

There are a lot of benefits when choosing our solar system company amongst the other sola companies in Sunshine Coast today. Keep in mind that installing solar panels means that you can keep your electricity flowing through your home or business without having to worry about the electricity cost.

Here are some of the benefits that our company can offer your home and your business:


Every kWh or kilowatt-hour of a solar energy that’s generated can help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas including CO2, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides; so just imagine how much savings you get if you are consuming 6.6kW system. Another good thing about solar power is that it helps reduce water withdrawal and water consumption.

Solar Works Anywhere

Solar works almost anywhere, in fact, an hour of summer sun is already equal to a year of electricity demand in Sunshine Coast. Majority of places in Australia have great solar resources and if everyone can start using solar energy, it will be a huge cost of savings in the future.

Minimal Maintenance

Another benefit of switching to a solar system is that it only requires minimal maintenance. We at sunshine coast solar solutions make sure to maintain your panels every couple of years to ensure that they continue producing efficient energy for your home or your business property.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your panels regularly because solar panel systems today don’t need that because they can still efficiently operate even if they are dirty.

Reduced Electrical Costs

The initial cost of the solar power installations may be quite expensive, but you will eventually get your investment back after just a few months or years because your electricity bill will be reduced significantly. The reduction on your power bills can go on other things, including paying off the finance option that you have availed for the solar panels.

Our installation team can check your recent energy bill and check your next power bills so you can see exactly what you just have saved by using a solar energy system.

Go for Supreme Solar Power alternative in Sunshine Coast

At Supreme Solar Power, solar energy is in our mind and soul; and we leave no stones unturned to customize green energy solution that is right for you. We are the leading solar companies in the areas covering from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to the Gold Coast. With decades of experience in the acumen, we provide state of the art solar panel systems at the cost effective rates.

To begin with, our expert consultant will visit your property to determine its solar sustainability and; then work out the energy requirement and installation aspects. The consultant also gives information of performance estimates and details of the returns you can expect on your investment. Our certified team will take care of installation in sync to the best practice guidelines.

Contact Us

For any enquiry on our Solar Panels Sunshine Coast installation whether residential solar or commercial solar system, or other service, you may contact us through our contact number or email. Our friendly customer service will help you understand solar panel systems and its benefits. We will go through all the process so all you have to do is decide whether you want to switch to a renewable energy produced by the sun.Send us a message today and we will send you solar quotes! After that, the only problem that you will think about is how to convince your neighbor to make the big switch. Surely, after the solar system installation and they see the average cost of your electricity bill, they will all be convinced to have solar installed.

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