REC Solar Panel

Supreme Solar Power is one of the trusted REC Solar Panels installers for Australian consumers.

REC Panels
Presence in Australia : Yes

Country of Manufacture : Norway, Singapore, USA

Product Warranty : 10 Years

Performance Warranty : 25 years

Temperature co-efficient (the lower the better) : -0.004

Anti-PID as standard : No

Junction Box IP(the higher the better) : IP 67

Tier Ranking : 1

About REC Solar Panels

REC Solar was founded in 1997 in Norway and form part of the Renewable Energy Corporation. It is a fully integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer and have consistently maintained high-quality products, which are a part of Tier 1 status.REC Solar has extensive experience with residential, commercial and utility-scale projects all around the world.

The company has won several awards for their sustainability and performance, including the Intersolar Award for photovoltaics in 2015 and in the ‘Global solar energy solutions’ category for ‘Best company for sustainability’ by the IAIR (International Alternative Investment Review) Group in both 2014 and 2015. REC Solar is a member of PV Cycle, which ensures that its products are recycled at the end of their lifetime.

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Main Features

  • Proven to perform well in harsh climates and low light conditions.
  • Outstanding module efficiency of up to 16.20 % which means that the panels on your roof collect more power per square meter and you require less roof space.
  • Positive power tolerance of up to -0/+5%. This means that each 260 watt panel will be at least 260 watt; many cheaper panels have a negative tolerance so that you can end up getting less than what you paid for.
  • Certified PID (Potential Induced Degradation) -free panels. This guarantees that the panel will withstand the effects of corrosion and other elemental impacts throughout its lifetime.
  • Low temperature coefficient (-0.40%). This means that the panel performs very well in higher temperatures and is suitable for our hot Queensland climate.