Solar Power Systems Brisbane

Residing in Brisbane gives best opportunity to tap the abundance of sunlight and harness it for the generating power for household and other commercial purposes. Many households and business enterprises have planned to go solar and switched over to solar energy by installing solar power systems.

Best Solar Power System Provider in Brisbane

Supreme Solar Power is one of the best solar power system providers in Brisbane, Queensland. Brisbane is blessed with abundance sunlight for most of the year. The residents can tap this blessing to the best of their advantage and generate electricity using the solar energy in the most cost effective manner. Solar power Brisbane prices are most affordable for anyone who had planned for this switch.

The concern of growing electricity bills has made residents and commercial units of Brisbane to go for solar energy by installing solar power system in their households and commercial places.

10kW solar system in Brisbane
6.6kW solar system in Brisbane

What is Solar Power System?

A solar power system is blend of many accessories like PV – photovoltaic panels, DC to AC power converter (inverters) and a mounting system that holds the PV panels in place. Solar PV panels on the roof of the homes and businesses organizations generate clean and cost effective electricity by converting the energy in sunlight.

How does solar Power system works?

Solar power systems harness the abundantly available sun energy in Brisbane area and convert it into the electricity for home and business. Sun release mammoth amount of energy and is the natural reactor; which releases tiny packets of energy called photons; which can be tapped and harness to generate power.

Why go for Supreme Solar Power systems in Brisbane area?

  1. Quality assurance: Supreme Solar Power system has years of experience and has specialized in oodles of tabling solar powered energy solutions. The main mission of the company is to ensure that solar energy becomes affordable source for both households and for commercial purposes. The company is driven to provide the best systems and so only use the highest quality components manufactured by Tier 1 manufacturers. This gives assurance that investment made by you in solar systems will continue to serve for longer time period.
  2. We are CEC Approved Retailer which means we have shown our commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities, and industry best practice for the sale of Supreme Solar Power solar systems. The CEC Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer is a voluntary program, which is authorized by the ACCC. You can be confident that Supreme Solar Power will supply quality products, comply with consumer protection laws and back the operation of our systems well into the future. 
  3. Scalable solutions: We offer broad range of grid connect solar power systems in Brisbane for properties of all sizes. We have scalable solutions for both households and business purposes.
  4. Keeping simple yet efficient: We are aware as to how confusing the electricity can be. Our professional energy consultants break it down and keep it simple for you; right from design and installation to ease of operation, they make it easy and efficient for you.
  5. Safety: As accredited Clean Energy Council approved retailer, for us safety comes first in everything we do. All of our installers are backed by our good warranty

Period so that you can rest easy as your solar power system is in good hands.

Solar power system for your residential purpose

Whether you are residing in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast area, you are blessed with good amount of sunlight. So why not take the benefit of this and tap the abundance and freely available solar power to the best of your own advantage.

  1. Take control of your electricity bill: Making a switch to solar can help to significantly reduce your electricity bill. As you are harnessing the freely and greatly available sunlight, you can power the energy needs of your households with the help of quality and accredited solar systems and witness the good decrease in your ever increasing electricity bills.
  2. Build a better tomorrow: Solar power Brisbane is valuable asset to add to your home and lifestyle. Fitting a solar power panel to your home allows you to take the control of your energy needs and thus enables to make good savings in the form of reduced electricity bills. You can build a better tomorrow by making a good savings today. As it is rightly said- “A penny saved is a penny earned”.
  3. Minimize your carbon footprint: Harnessing the plentiful sunlight of Brisbane as renewable energy source to power your home or business will not only help to reduce your electric bills but also minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions. This provides fresh, clean and pure environment for you and future generations to lead a healthy and salubrious life.
  4. Government solar incentive: There is no apt time to go solar. Any time, when you decide to switch to solar power is the best time. The cost of solar power panels have dropped dramatically over the years and even government is providing generous solar incentives to help you minimize the initial cost of your system even further.

Getting started with solar energy system in Brisbane

It is easier to ‘Go solar’ but it is equally important to understand the options available to you for your usage. Photovoltaic (PV) solar can be used to power anything from small appliances and electronics to homes and big commercial enterprises. When evaluating your solar options, it is that you are proactive and get engaged with our consultants during the process and explain your needs and expectations.

Before you get started with solar energy system in Brisbane, the expert consultants of Supreme Solar Power system analyzes the below aspects

  • Features of your roof along with any obstruction if any
  • Are there any significant parts of your roof shaded with trees or buildings or are there any trees to be removed to provide more sunlight?
  • Type of your roof – whether it is tile, Colorbond or flat roof.
  • Size of the roof – how big it is

Based on the above analysis, our experts determine the capacity of solar power system for you and then table cost effective and long lasting solar energy solutions.

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