6.6 Kw Solar System

You are in the right place to get a 6.6 kW solar system in Brisbane at reasonable price.

About 6.6kW Solar System6.6-kW-solar-system-Brisbane

Features of 6.6kW Solar System in Brisbane is

  1. CEC accredited solar panels, inverters and components.
  2. Professional installation by certified electricians and technicians
  3. Tier1 solar panels and inverters by leading solar manufacturers
  4. Long term performance & product warranties, excellent solar panel installation & maintenance support in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

If you are still having more power needs and large family size then visit our 10kW solar systems

Technical specifications of 6.6kW Solar System

  • Solar panels: 40 x 330W Tier 1 solar panels (Tier- I)
  • Inverter: 10kW inverter by leading suppliers and manufacturers,
  • Installation by Clean Energy Council Accredited Electrician.
  • Mounting and Electric kits: Mounting and Electric kits in sync with the Australian standards and government norms.

Excellent warranty coverage on 6.6kW solar systems

  • 25 years performance & 12 years product warranty on panels
  • 5 + 5 years manufacturer warranty for Inverter
  • 10 years workmanship warranty.

Choosing solar panels for home and commercial use

Supreme Solar Power has partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers in the world to deliver the best and the most cost effective solar panels in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

We deal with 6.6kW solar systems in Brisbane. We have selected high end PV modules with the best track records to ensure we supply superior quality products to our customers. Whether you are looking to buy solar panels for residential or commercial usage, then it is with Supreme Solar Power your search ends.

We are dedicated to provide good quality and performance efficient solar panels for your residential and commercial purposes; sourced from Tier – I manufacturers along with premium brand solar power inverters.

If in Brisbane, then Go solar!

The residents of Brisbane are lucky to receive good amount of sunlight for the major parts of the year. The sun has mammoth amount of energy- something they can benefit of. With the latest solar power systems available at the cost effective rates from Supreme Solar Power in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, the residents of the place can tap the sun energy and harness it for their residential and commercial purpose.

The Supreme Solar Power panels are available with cutting edge technology at the most affordable rates. Not only, you will receive the seamless flow of abundance of sunlight free of cost but also you will witness reduction in the electricity bills to a great extent. Investing in solar allows the residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to enjoy the saving on the power bills for many- many years to come.

How solar power can save your money in Brisbane by minimizing electricity bill?

The more the solar power you generate, the less electricity you have to buy from the grid. And; if you use less amount of solar power, you will end up with the surplus, which you can either store it in a solar battery or feed it back to the grid.

This means all those you reside in sunshine city of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can earn a handy energy credit on your account that is same to the power your exported. The payment is reduced from the electricity bill and saves money. Most of the homes, you have installed cutting edge solar power systems of Supreme Solar Power experiences a reduction of 80%-90% power bill for many homes.

Supreme Solar Power committed to provide the leading edge solar power solutions and service

We are dedicated in providing the best solar power solutions and service. Our trained energy consultants and installers have experience and expertise in handling any kind of solar power job in a cost effective and timely manner. We will get you covered in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for all your residential and commercial power requirements.

Also Supreme Solar Power provides:

Is solar power 100% green?

Solar power harnessed using state of the art solar energy systems is 100% environment friendly. The process of generating electricity from fresh, abundantly available and free solar energy do not produce any greenhouse gases and does not cause pollution, thus making the environment salubrious and fresh to live in.

How much does solar panel cost?

The cost of solar panel varies based on the requirement and brand. Much depends on the price of the system, the application and the purpose. With umpteen numbers of brands available all across the state, there are many price points to choose from.

Supreme Solar Power’s 6.6kW solar power system that can be apt for residential purpose

If you are having a large family and you are wishing to go green, then our cutting edge technology 6.6kW solar system is apt for your residential usage. The 6.6kW power solar system with 5.0kW solar inverter is best for families that is large and has umpteen numbers of power hungry appliances.

Our superior quality and efficient 6.6kW solar system powered by 18-20 solar panels(depending on the size of solar panels); that provides optimal output for round the clock power availability. The system gives 25 years of linear performance

Warranty, making it the most reliable residential solar systems available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

How we know which solar panel is best for your requirements?

When guiding you with solar panels our expert energy experts and well trained installers; take into account umpteen numbers of criteria including aesthetics, performance and warranty terms.

They also take into account the harsh weather condition of your place. The climatic condition in Brisbane will be different from that in Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and so the solar panels sold down should be versatile in tune with climate.

We then look into your energy requirement and the roof space available and then guide with the most cost effective and efficient solar energy systems at the most competitive rates. Our experts also ensure that the products we use are manufactured in sync with the international quality and safety standards and are CEC accredited.

So if you have made up your mind in reducing your ever escalating electricity bills and go solar then you can contact our expert energy consultants; who will guide you with all the details and other key inputs.

Planning to go solar in Brisbane – Make Supreme Solar Power your partner in this switch.

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