10 kW Solar System in Brisbane

You are in the right place to get a 10kW solar system in Brisbane at the best price.

Supreme Solar Power’s 10kW Solar System

10kW-solar-system-brisbaneRobust 10kW solar energy systems can efficiently handle the energy needs of small business enterprises and also residents having large amount of power usage. 10kW solar system is a great investment for the business or household. With superior quality inverter and 40 Tier- I quality solar panels, the solar energy systems provide continuous and seamless output without fail. The system ensures smooth and continuous flow of the energy.

Investment in 10kW solar system is a fruitful investment for anyone looking for residential purpose with large power needs or for commercial units. Supreme Solar Power will get

For the competitive 10kw solar system price in Brisbane, you can contact our energy consultants and CEC accredited installers.

Our CEC accredited solar installers, who have full knowledge of the solar energy mechanisms. They first analyze your needs, help you out in assembling the best quality units and then finally analyze the roof top to fit in the system.

All our solar panels have more than 25 years of performance warranty and 10 years of workmanship. We also provide warranty on solar inverter, which we procure from the leading manufacturers. A typical 13.2kW solar panels is best for you if your per day consumption is high, for 13.2kW solar systems can power your home or commercial unit effectively catering to your large power demand and taking you off the grid depending on your daily electricity usage.

About 10kW solar system

Vital features of 10kW solar panels in Brisbane

  1. CEC accredited solar panels, inverters and components.
  2. Professional installation by certified electricians and technicians
  3. Tier1 solar panels and inverters by leading solar manufacturers
  4. Long term performance & product warranties, excellent solar panel installation & maintenance support in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Get the Best Specification of 10kW Solar Systems in Brisbane

Supreme Solar Power offers the state of the art 10kW solar panels to meet your large power needs:

  1. Solar panels: 40 x 330W Tier 1 solar panels
  2. Inverter: 10kW inverter by leading suppliers and manufacturers,
  3. Installation by Clean Energy Council Accredited Electrician.
  4. Mounting and Electric kits: Mounting and Electric kits in sync with the Australian standards and government norms.


  • 25 years performance & 12 years product warranty on panels
  • 5 + 5 years manufacturer warranty for Inverter
  • 10 years workmanship warranty.

Going solar panels for home and business purposes in Brisbane

Supreme Solar Power is dedicated to deliver efficient and quality solar energy systems at the most cost effective rates in the areas of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We have partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers in the world to give the best at the most competitive rates.

Also Supreme Solar Power provides:

We deal in both 6.6kW and 10kW solar systems in Brisbane. Based on your power needs and budget, we advise the best and the most apt solar panel that meets your daily power requirements seamlessly and effectively. We have selected high end PV modules with the best track records and see that we supply high quality products to our end users.

So if you have made up your mind switch to solar energy, then Supreme Solar Power is the best one to go for. We provide the apt power solutions in sync to your needs and budget at the most cost effective rates. Our main motto is to minimize your electricity bills and to power your resident and commercial units in the most cost effective manner using the abundantly and freely available energy of the sun.

Living in Brisbane? Go solar and save on electric bills

If you are residing in Brisbane, then you can easily switch to solar energy power. The city receives good amount of sunlight for most parts of the year. The sun has good amount of energy; from which the residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can be benefited. The abundance and freely available sun light can easily tapped and harnessed to power you house and commercial units.

With affordable solar energy systems, you will be guaranteed to receive a seamless and abundance flow of solar energy free of cost, which can be harnessed effectively and in an optimum manner. Investing in inverters. 10kw solar system of Brisbane and solar power panels fruitful for the residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast as they can get free power to meet their daily energy needs and also enjoy the savings on the power bills for many years.

How can solar power help to save your money in Brisbane by reducing the electricity bills?

The more solar power energy your solar power system generates, the less electricity you have to buy from the electricity retailer. This helps you to save on the electricity bills. The residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can earn handy energy credit on the account. Most of the homes that has installed leading edge solar power systems of Supreme Solar Power experiences considerable reduction in power bill for their homes and commercial units.

Supreme Solar Power is dedicated to provide optimum solar energy solutions

The energy consultants and CEC accredited installers of Supreme Solar Power leave no stones unturned in delivering optimum and cost effective solar energy solutions in sync to your needs. The trained and skilled personnel have proficiency in handling all solar energy requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.

Is going solar the best option?

Sun is the abundance source of energy. If this energy is effectively tapped and harnessed to provide power for both residential and commercial purpose, then one can not only minimize their electric bills but also contribute towards salubrious and healthy environment.

What is the estimated cost of solar panel?

The cost of solar panels varies according to the requirements and the brand. Much depends on the system size of the system. With oodles of brands in the acumen, one has many options to choose from in sync with their budget, energy requirements, and brand efficiency. Thus the solar panels of Brisbane 10kw prices from us are quite affordable compared with other brands.

Brands we Install