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This agreement is specific to the retail of solar PV Power both on Grid and off Grid systems. Supreme Power Pty Ltd retains all writes under Australian states and Federal law.

Terms & Conditions

Agreement: The specific terms and conditions of this document that offer acceptance by both parties.

Customer: The person named on this Purchase Order that has expressed to a representative of Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. that they have the legal authority to make decisions about the property stated on the front of this Agreement.

Consultant: Person representing Supreme Power Pty Ltd who manages the generation and process of a Purchase Order.

Property: The building that is prospectively intended for solar installation.

Purchase Order: The name of this document that contains a description of product/products intended for purchase and a copy of the Terms and conditions between Supreme Power and the Customer’ whose name is stated on the front of this document.

Install Assessment: The assessment that contains the original design for the solar power system to be installed, agreed upon with a representative of Supreme Power whose name is stated on the front of this document under solar consultant.

Paperwork: Paperwork relates to a 1. A Purchase Order, 2. An Install assessment 3. A picture of the meter box and switchboard.

Signature or Signed: The authority to proceed by the customer to process the order for installation of solar power or to purchase a product under the Terms and conditions of this agreement, understood by both parties.

Grid Connect Application: The application required to notify the relevant electricity supplier for the connection of a Grid Feed Inverter.

Grid Feed Inverter: An inverter that exports excess power back to the electricity Grid.

Deposit: A deposit is paid to Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. for the goods listed overleaf and expected work. This authority also gives Supreme Power the rights to apply on the customer’s behalf for a grid-connect application to the customer prospective electricity supplier.

Balance: The final payment to Supreme Power Pty Ltd for the goods received.

Goods: Any physical products stated over leaf in the ‘Product Details’ section or electrical equipment or components required for the installation to be carried out.

Force Majeure: An event that is a result of the elements of nature that has caused delays, as opposed to one caused by human behavior or anything that is reasonably beyond the control of either party.

No Contact: Where Supreme Power has tried to contact the customer more than 4 times by telephone of at least once email addresses using the information on the Purchase order.

Customs Delays: Is where customs officers have delayed the equipment arrival that’s required for the install and which is outside of Supreme Powers control.

STC’s: Small Technology Certificates. The value of these STC’s is determined by Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. and stated on this Purchase order. REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) Registry program found at https://www.rec-registry.gov.au/rec-registry/app/calculators/sgu-stc-calculator

RET Program: The Renewable energy Target allows the creation and reconciliation of STC’s (Small Technology Certificates) for each kW of solar PV to be installed on Australian properties. These STC’s will offset the recommended retail price of solar PV systems.

Install Order: An order that gets sent to the electrician to design and install the customer’s solar power system.


1) Consultant’s Care of Duty: Each consultant is responsible for his or her actions and the information that’s relayed out of Supreme Powers Pty Ltd control. Each consultant has a responsibility to contact management if they are unsure of any information relayed. Any customer that wants to confirm any details can do so by emailing management on admin@supremepower.com.au All completed and signed paperwork must be handed into Supreme Power by the consultant before we can process a Grid Connect application.

2) Deposit and Cooling off Period: Deposits can be paid by VISA or Master Card and incurs a 1.5% additional charge. AMEX is also acceptable and incurs a 2.5% additional charge. Direct Deposits, cheques and cash incur no additional charge. Deposit must be paid within 72 hours after signing this Purchase Order. If the Customer decides to cancel this agreement, and, a deposit has been received by Supreme Power, a full refund is available if a deposit was received within 10 working days and Supreme Power initiated first contact with the customer.

Supreme Power Pty Ltd must receive notification within working 10 days in writing or via email from the email address stated on this agreement before a refund of the deposit is authorized.

3) Welcome Pack Supreme Power Pty Ltd will send a receipt and welcome pack via email or post to each customer that consists of a breakdown of the installation process. This will be emailed to the relevant email address or posted upon receipt of the completed paperwork from the consultant.

4) Electricity Supplier Queensland customers agree to allow Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. to manage the process of a Grid Connect Application to either Energex or Ergon Energy on their behalf seeking approval to install a solar PV system. NSW customers that are applying for inverters up to 3kw inverter will be completed by a qualified, accredited level 2 electrician and will include both a Grid Connect Application and digital meter. Applications over 3kw will include additional volt rise calculations. If the electricity supplier rejects any application then the customer will be offered a smaller inverter for approval – If this occurs an adjusted Purchase Order will be written. Once this new Purchase Order is signed the original Purchase Order becomes void.

5) Customs Delays Supreme Power Pty Ltd is not responsible for any goods that are delayed by customs. Supreme Power Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any time that missed due to these delays.

6) Install Date Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. will provide an install date following notified acceptance of a grid feed inverter to be installed by the customer’s electricity supplier where force majeure or customs don’t delay. Contact will be made by telephone and or email within 5 to 15 business days for QLD customers or 10 to 30 business days for NSW customers. A fixed time will be offered to install your new solar powered system. Supreme Power is not responsible for No Contacts.

7)Install and Design Supreme Power Pty Ltd is responsible for work that’s carried out by employees of Supreme Power Pty Ltd. Panels will be fitted in places that will maximize the efficiency of the system unless notified otherwise by the customer. Each customer is responsible to discuss the design with the electrician before any work commences. Designs are not fixed and can be altered provided the suggested changes don’t infringe on criteria set by the electrical safety board relevant to each state.

8) Balance Payment The customer agrees to pay the balance stated on the PO within 3 working days after the equipment is delivered to the customer’s property. A $20 + GST charge per working day or $50 + GST charge for each weekend will be added each day that passes following the delivery of the equipment to the customer’s property.

9) STC’s The customer assigns the rights for the relevant quantity of STC’s (Small Technology Certificates) under the RET program and the amount stated on the customers Purchase Order to Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. as part payment of the balance.

10) Metering: If your retailer is Energex or Ergon you will be provided with a new meter from Energex free of charge. The cost of a NSW smart meter is included in the price when stated on the front of this Purchase Order.

11) Power Production: Supreme Power Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss in credit for any solar power system that stops producing or has a reduction in power. Supreme Powers Pty Ltd will endeavor rectify and facilitate any problems under warranties quickly as possible. Each Customer is responsible for monitoring their own solar power system and notifying Supreme Power for any change in power production.

12) Maintenance: The customer understands that any dust or shading caused by tress is not the responsibility of Supreme Power Pty Ltd in any circumstance. The customer retains responsibility to prevent shade or anything that can cause a diminished quantity of sunlight exposure for every panel that has been fitted.

13) System shutdown and down time: If the solar power system has stopped working it remains the direct responsibility for each customer to let Supreme Power Pty Ltd know. Supreme Power is not financially responsible for any lost power during downtime where the solar system is not deemed to be working correctly.

14) Privacy: Supreme Power agrees to not sell or use the customer’s private information for anything other than its own marketing. The Customer agrees to receive emails from Supreme Power Pty Ltd. where an email address has been provided. Supreme Powers full privacy policy can be found at www.supremesolarpower.com.au

15) Cancellation: A 10 day cooling off period starts from the date the signed Purchase Order relevant when the initial contact was initiated by Supreme Power Pty Ltd. Supreme Power Pty Ltd retains the rights to cancel this agreement at any time due to technical issues preventing installation or STC pricing fluctuations. A full refund of the deposit will be provided if this occurs.


Warranties and Insurance

Warranties: All Solar panels and inverters are supplied with manufacturers or service warranties. Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. will liaise between the customer and manufacturer or electrician in good faith and with integrity to resolve any problem regarding workmanship, solar panels or inverter as quickly as physically possible other than when force Majeure, customs or any another situation that is out of control of Supreme Powers Pty. Ltd. prevent Supreme Powers Pty. Ltd. actions. Each customer is responsible to adhere to all aspects of the warranties criteria supplied by Supreme Power Pty Ltd. Supreme Power Pty Ltd is not responsible for any equipment where a manufacturer goes out of business and can’t serve their warranty.


5 Year Workmanship Warranty: If any damage occurs and is caused by the installation work for the solar power system then please contact Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. immediately. Supreme Power Pty. Ltd. will organize with a CEC accredited installer to rectify any problem for the duration of the warranty after the installation date.

25 Year Panel Performance Warranty: Every solar panel sold has a minimum 25 year performance warranty and specifications that adhere to A4777 Australian standards held by the manufacturer.

5 or 10 Year Panel Product Warranty: Every solar panel has a minimum product warranty of 5 years or 10 years held by the manufacturer.

5 or 10 Year Inverter Warranty: Every inverter has a minimum product warranty of 5 yrs. 10 yr. warranties upgrades are available when stated on the front of this purchase order. Insurance: Manufacturers of goods that are insured against receivership if the manufacturer suffers financial or insolvency liabilities. Supreme Power is insured against all public liabilities and electrical work.


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