The solar panel industry is booming in Queensland, Australia. Many solar photovoltaic installations are going up in this inland city for very defined reasons. The growing effect of the sun’s rays is obvious in the Sunshine State with plenty of activity in the exciting realm of sustainable energy.

Australia has phenomenal solar resources

Location is the first reason why Queensland Australia has a growing solar panel industry. Compared to other places in the world, Australia is the continent with the largest solar radiation per square meter. This distinguished position has drawn new solar developments to the area. In September of this year Australia’s energy output of 13,904 megawatts, or MW, of photovoltaic power was a crowning achievement. Nearly 4000 MW of that output was installed in just the last year.


This country’s location makes it poised to be a world leader in solar achievements

Not only is Queensland located on a convenient latitude to receive the rays of the sun there are not many days of rain. In fact, half of the rainy days would only occur the coastal region. For the rest of Queensland, there has recently been an uptick in temperature as well. Taking advantage of this warming has meant the growth of solar farms and their related companies. Installing solar panels in this manner has given rise to a whopping 95 solar farms that are approved, operating, announced, or under construction.


The government is helping with interest-free loans

The government is chipping in to help increase the number of installed solar panels. This growth spurt in renewables has been getting official help since last year. Nearly all areas of Queensland have businesses that have approved solar retailers to install photovoltaic panels. The loan will be up to $4,500 to purchase the system. The loan is to be paid off in a maximum of seven years. One example of a company that is promoting this tactic is Self Storage Cleveland. It is possible to live in a smaller house, use photovoltaic panels and a solar oven to save money. This is a smarter way to live by using a government loan to realize cost savings over the old “coal-fired” source of energy.

The cost of solar panels is steadily decreasing

The Australian market cycle is benefiting in a gigantic way with new solar technology. Queensland is one such beneficiary. With energy breakthroughs happening regularly the cost of photovoltaic panels is taking a satisfying dip. Science has found that nanotubes will give off electricity when exposed to light. The maximum efficiency of solar cells increases by activating two electrons with one photon. The fluidity of electricity inside the solar cell is also being increased by exposing inefficiencies in silicon makeup. Thanks to all this the solar conversion efficiency is rising. Bringing the price of solar panels down while simultaneously increasing their output of electrical power is a prodigious achievement. This shining example of human ingenuity, combined with the desire to save the environment, is giving Australians in Queensland some brilliant smiles.


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