Regardless of having the highest solar radiation per square meter compared to other continents, Australia’s solar energy consumption is at 0.1%. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people continue to encounter high utility bills due to the ever-rising cost of electricity.

Moreover, the volatility of electricity tariffs continues to affect our monthly and annual budgets. But, the great news is, there is a solution to this predicament; purchasing solar panels. A solar panel comprises many silicon cells called photovoltaic (PV).

Solar Panels

The alignment of the PV cells is such that there is a negative and positive layer that causes an electric field upon exposure to direct sunlight. Solar panels generate direct current (DC), which goes into the inverter. The inverter transforms DC into alternating current (AC). Now that we understand what and how solar panels work let us discuss why you should consider Solar Panels Gold Coast system installation.

Long-term Benefits of Solar Installation

When most people examine the installation and maintenance cost of having a solar panel, they may dismiss the idea without considering how it will pay off. Some of the lasting benefits include:

a) Saving on Electricity Bills

Over the years, the rates on utility bills keep rising. Installing solar panels in your home or property enables you to tap energy from the sun. If the panels generate excess energy, you could store it or exchange it for a bill credit. Additionally, it reduces or saves you the cost of electricity bills for several years. This saving is, however, dependent on your electricity rates and location.

b) Increase your property value

By including things that add convenience to your home or business space, you increase the value of your property. One can use solar energy for different purposes. For example, it is possible to distill water, generate heat and provide lighting in areas with no access to the energy grid.

With the development in technology, there are transparent solar energy windows whose unique features and look may add to the general appeal of your property. A combination of these factors certainly enhances the worth of your property.

c) Environment Preservation

The world is moving towards activities that cause less or no harm to the environment. For example, unlike electricity, which depends on fossil fuel, solar panels are a green energy choice that helps reduce carbon footprints, hence saving the ozone layer.

Solar Panels In the Middle of a Garden

Solar Panels Gold Coast Installation Costs

Gold Coast is the second sunniest zone according to the Renewable Energy Target discount zones. Therefore, it implies that Solar Panels Gold Coast installations will receive a considerable discount (rebate). The rebates are an excellent program under the federal government to encourage people to tap into solar energy.

The rebate amount for a given zone depends on the number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) calculations. The computation of STCs is based on the amount of sunshine the zone receives. Your installer will guide you on the calculations depending on the size of solar panels you settle on.

A solar panel system in Gold Coast ranges between $4500 – $9500 for a 6.6 kW system depending on the model.