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Mother Earth is moving.

The heart break we at supreme power are feeling for the victims of the Japan earthquake is extreme. This is … Continue reading

The truth is out. Its true.

It turns out that it takes less energy to make a solar panel than the solar panels will produce. Its … Continue reading

How much power does residential solar produce in Australia?

The answer to the burning question on Facebook today. Its a huge deal for all of the home owners in … Continue reading

The future is now

With the Tesla Powerwall and the LG battery systems coming into their own, there will be some changes. The solar … Continue reading

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Support Supreme Power By Liking our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! We have been working very hard to … Continue reading

The most powerful panel ever?

SolarCity has claimed they have created the most powerful solar panel in the world. Running at 22% efficiency vs. the … Continue reading

Queensland Goes for it!

The Qld, Government has set a goal for 50% renewable energy by 2030. That is huge considering how many people … Continue reading

Solar panels owners caught up.

Households with solar panels are fast looking to batteries as a way to offset the sharp fall in rebates Synergy … Continue reading

The Rebate is Almost out of here!

The government solar incentive, which provides a significant discount off the upfront cost of a solar system, is due to … Continue reading